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Kiara 'Leather' Bridal shoe
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Kiara 'Leather' Bridal shoe
(item number: Kiara)
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Kiara is a handmade exclusive bridal shoe produced from fine leather with silver colour straps. The mid-heel height provides all-day comfort. Thanks to the leather insole, the gel padding and the sponge lining inside and at the back, these shoes are not only beautiful, but also very comfortable. The adjustable strap has a hook that makes this shoe very easy to wear. The silver colour cross straps provide this style a fashionable and elegant look.

Material: ivory colour leather
Sizes: 36-41 (UK sizes 3-8)
Heel height: 6,8 cm
Lining and comfort: cushion comfort padded lining and supersoft underfoot comfort
Packaging: G.Westerleigh box
Sizing: True to size


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