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We’re always thrilled to hear that our beautiful brides are happy with our products and service!
Please share your love story with us, and read the stories from other G.Westerleigh brides in this section.
Thank you to each and every one of you for your lovely comments.

  • "I would like to thank the beautiful SR2887 jewellery set that I could wear on my wedding day - it was the perfect choice! Thank you! :)"
  • "I would once again like to thank you for my pair of Heidi shoes, they were amazingly comfortable!"
  • "I would like to thank you so much for my wonderful Lottie bridal shoes. Everyone was amazed how beautiful they were. I looked like a balerina!"
  • "The Greta bridal shoes were the best choice for my wedding. I wore them starting from the photo shooting and they were very comfortable. I wish every bride similar beautiful memories as I had wearing such beautiful shoes. I send you some photos about our wedding to thank you for the shoes."
  • "I am glad to send you some photos of our wedding on 25th May, where I could sparke in G.Westerleigh bridal shoes and accessories (bridal jewellery and hair ornament). My husband won the pair of bridal shoes on a Facebook competition. Thank you once again for your kindness and expertise in helping me find the most beautiful and comfortable shoes that were the best choice for the whole wedding day. The bridal jewellery perfectly complemented my dress and were sparkling in the sunshine and in the flashlight. I warmly recommend G.Westerleigh to all of my friends, I have been highly satisfied with the products that were all a perfect match to my dress, and wearing them made me feel like a real princess. I also purchased my ring pillow and garter from your collection. I am very happy that I have found your products through the competition and then I didn't have to worry about finding the perfect accessories :) I wish you all the best and many-many G.Westerleigh brides!"
    Csilla was wearing Vivienne bridal shoes, NO1067 hair comb and NS635 jewellery set.
  • "I had all of my accessories from G.Westerleigh, including my hair comb, the jewellery set, bracelet and bridal shoes. I loved wearing all of them!"

    Kinga was wearing our NO425 jewellery set and HC0077 hair comb on her wedding.
  • "Thank you for making our special day beautiful! my jewellery set, bracelet, tiara, and shoes were all from G. Westerleigh!"
    Alexandra was wearing Tiffany bridal shoes, B4994 jewellery set, KE1547 bracelet and TS-J755 tiara on her wedding.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh! I chose Roxanne bridal shoes for my wedding and they were fantastic, I felt like Cinderella wearing them!”
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh! I promised you before my wedding to send some photos about my beautiful pair of Greta shoes, as soon as we receive the photos!! So here they are...Thank you so much once again!"
    Dóra was wearing Greta bridal shoes.
  • "Thank you very much for the bridal shoes. They will remain an unforgettable memory for us. All the best!"
    Szonja Rita was wearing Amelie bridal shoes.
  • „I am glad to send you some photos. I am really happy that I have chosen your product. Looking at our wedding photos I find the pair of earrings and necklace solid and very elegant. I am sure that I will wear them for several other occasions as well.”
    Fanni was wearing NS622 jewellery set.
  • "Thank you very much for the Amelie bridal shoes, I fell in love with them at first sight!
    They were very comfortable, the perfect choice for my wedding!"
  • "We got married with my husband on 8th June 2013. Your website provided us so much help, this is how I could select my bridal shoes Lora. Many thanks! I can happily recommend your products to anybody!"
  • "The shoes were perfect. If I could go back in time, I would choose the same shoes. I was wearing them for a 7 hour long photo shoot, then next day from 4.pm until 4.am. :) Thank you!"
    Andrea was wearing Lola bridal shoes.
  • " I would like to thank you for the beautiful pearl jewellery set and my elegant shoes that I could wear on my Big day."
    Judit was wearing Diana bridal shoes and HS-J04 jewellery set.
  • "I was wearing Charlotte bridal shoes on our wedding, which was love at first sight. I felt like a real princess for a whole day! :)"
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh! Thank you so much for the beautiful jewellery set, tiara, the wonderful bridal shoes and the cufflinks for my fiancée. I have attached some photos!”
    Dóri was wearing Norah bridal shoes, TR0402 tiara and NS0365 jewellery set.
  • "We would now like to share with you some of the photos from our wedding last year. I was proud to be wearing these beautiful and very comfortable bridal shoes from morning until dawn. Thank you for all your help! We highly recommend your shoes to all of our friends".
    Berni was wearing Sophie bridal shoes.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh,
    I would like to thank you for the wonderful jewellery set and bracelet (NS1-5817 and NS1-5817L) that I was wearing on my wedding day, they were beautiful. The other great choice were the Heidi bridal shoes. The most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever worn. Thank you so much!"
  • "I would like to thank with the attached photos the fantasticly beautiful and comfortable ivory colour Heidi shoes and the hair flower, that I purchased from you and that I could wear on the most beautiful day of our lives."
    Helga was wearing Heidi bridal shoes and RH2 hair flower.
  • "Thank you for the beautiful jewellery".
    Nikoletta was wearing SE00100B jewellery set.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh Team!
    I purchased my bridal accessories from you for our wedding day, that made the overall look so beautiful. I would like to send you some photos that were taken by Rita Szerdahelyi".
    Barbara was wearing IE1730 earrings, TR8078 tiara, SL7304 bracelet, and she has chosen R-0364 ring pillow.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh,
    I was wearing Jenny bridal shoes on my wedding. I loved the shoes, they were very comfortable all day long! :) Also my jewellery was from the G.Westerleigh collection. It's a fantastic brand! :)"
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh! Thank you so much that I could feel as the most beautiful bride wearing the comfortable Adele bridal shoes, the wonderful jewellery set (JN071) and the hair comb (HC0324)!"
  • "I would like to thank you the beautiful and comfortable shoes from G.Westerleigh that I could wear on my wedding day. G.Westerleigh made my day unforgettable and I am really happy that I have chosen high quality wedding shoes. When choosing my bridal shoes, I was focusing on comfort and nice design. I also had another pair of shoes with me, but in the end I didn't have to change to any other shoe as I could comfortably dance the night away in my Rebecca sandals for more than 10 hours. Whenever looking for any evening shoes, I would only choose the G.Westerleigh brand. Even during the creative photo shoot on the next day, the shoes were still perfect. Thank you so much, and I wish you lots of success for your future work and many happy brides such as myself".
  • "I would like to share some photos with you about my wedding day (6th June 2015 in Visegrad). I was wearing Leila bridal shoes, NO1142 Cubic Zirconia jewellery set and JN070LB bracelet. They were the perfect accessories to my dress, I loved wearing them and I received so many compliments! :) Thank you for all your help and I wish you lots of success!"
  • "I attach two photos about our Saturday wedding. What else could my bridal shoes be than 'G.Westerleigh'! I must admit that first I was a little afraid to wear the shoes for such a long time: during the photo shooting, on the way to the church, then dancing all night...However, I started wearing them at noon and only took them off after 12 hours at midnight, without a single wound or any other inconvenience. I felt like walking on clouds all day! Fantastic, I loved them!"
    Judit was wearing Isabella bridal shoes.
  • "My necklace, earrings and tiara were all from G.Westerleigh! I loved them! My ears are really sensitive and I can easily get an allergic reaction, but these earrings were perfect. They were really easy to wear and I loved the sparkle so much! Thank you!"

    Helena was wearing the TS-J257 tiara and NS1-8714 jewellery set on her wedding.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh! On the most beautiful day of my life I wore your accessories! Thank you so much for the very comfortable Linda bridal shoes, the beautiful SR2521 jewellery set and the pretty HC0081 hair comb!"
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh,
    I remember when I visited your showroom and you told me that you would love to receive some photos about our wedding. So now I would like to share the best ones with you :) I was wearing Carmen bridal shoes during the civil ceremony where I already knew that they would be very comfortable all night long. Then we had our photo shoot on a separate day when we also took some close shots about the shoes. The shoes were highly comfortable during the whole wedding, I was enjoying every single minute of it, and danced all night long. The jewellery looked stunning, too, I hardly take off the bracelet since then, as I get so many compliments. It is a very unique and pretty piece, such as the jewellery set!
    Thank you for all your help, the good advise during the selection of the accessories. I wish you good luck for the future with many pretty and happy brides :)"
  • „Our wedding was on 9th August 2014 and I was wearing Hannah bridal shoes. My feet are quite sensitive and usually I cannot wear high heels for several hours. But the Westerleigh shoes were super comfortable even after 10 hours! I highly recommend your brand to everybody, great company and great shoes!"
  • "Thank you for the shoes and accessories :)"
    Ivett was wearing Lola bridal shoes.
  • "I would like to send you some photos about our wedding!"
    Viktória was wearing Scarlett bridal shoes, her husband G.Westerleigh Exclusive cufflinks on their wedding day.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh Team,
    I would like to say a big thank you for designing and creating my bridal shoes that have been the perfect accessory for my countryside wedding! I was looking around for a long time to find the most comfortable bridal shoes for my Big Day. If I had to choose my bridal shoes again, I would only choose from your collection.
    Thank you once again, and I wish you the best of luck :)"
    Alexandra was wearing Jasmine bridal shoes.
  • "Dear Westerleigh! I would like to thank you for the wonderful shoes and accessories! You were right, the shoes were very comfortable and I was happily wearing them even after 12 hours!
    Alexandra was wearing Sophie bridal shoes and T1470AHK jewellery set.
  • „I would like to thank you the beautiful jewellery set, the hair comb and bridal shoes that I could wear on the most beautiful day of my life. Please find some photos attached about our wedding day. Thank you once again for all your help!"
    Éva was wearing Linda bridal shoes, NO425 jewellery set and NO1067 hair comb.
  • "Thank you for the nice bridal accessories!"
    Éva was wearing Tiffany bridal sandals and EO8573 earrings.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh Team.
    We would like to thank you for the beautiful accessories that made our wedding day perfect. I was wearing Melissa bridal shoes from 3 pm until 6 am in the morning, and however I do not really wear high heels, I cannot imagine a more comfortable shoe. The bracelet, hair accessories and cufflinks were all the perfect accessories to our look. The photos were taken by Petra Pato Photography".
  • "However our wedding was more than a year ago - I've recently thought that I should send you some photos about our wedding day. I selected all of my accessories from your brand - including the bridal shoes, earrings, bracelet, the ring pillow, garter and my husband's cufflinks. So basicly EVERYTHING. I couldn't have chosen any better shoes or accessories for my wedding! I treasure them ever since. Thank you so much!"

    Nora was wearing Scarlett bridal shoes, EG1160 earrings and BL6029 bracelet on her wedding.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh! I would like to thank you the wonderful bridal accessories (hair comb NO1067, bracelet SL7527, earrings EO11997, bridal shoes Sabrina). It was great wearing them all day! You were extremely helpful to me, I will recommend your products to everybody!"
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh! I would like to thank you for the wonderful Victoria bridal shoes that I decided to choose long before my wedding! The shoes were very comfortable, I loved them. I added a sticker to the sole of the shoes and everyone found this idea very creative. Thank you once again!"
  • "We would like to thank you for the wonderful bridal shoes, garters, ring pillow and the cufflinks of my fiancé, that made our Big Day even better. Everything was beautiful and high quality. Thank you!!"
    Viktória was wearing Vivienne bridal shoes.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh! Thank you very much for the wonderful jewellery set (NS0505) and the hair comb (HC0333), thanks to these beautiful accessories I felt as the most beautiful bride on the most important day of my life!"
  • "I am happy to send you some photos about our wedding, where I was wearing your Amelie bridal shoes! I adored them and I still love the romantic style, the high quality finishing and the comfort of these shoes! :) They were the perfect choice, thank you very much!"
  • Our beautiful Irish bride Siobhán and her husband Martin got married on the 26th April 2014 in Ballinlough Church, in the West of Ireland. Siobhán chose Charlotte bridal shoes for her wedding day.
  • The beautiful Kathleen and her fiancée Garry had a small and very romantic wedding in Dublin. Kathleen was wearing Mary bridal shoes, and her pretty bridesmaids were accessorized by G.Westerleigh jewellery (TR0246 tiara, NS0369 jewellery set).
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh,
    Thank you for making the most beautiful day of my life as comfortable and as beautiful as possible! I felt like a real princess :) Let me share some photos with you!"
    Eszter was wearing Daisy bridal shoes and NS-J398 jewellery set.
  • " I would like to send you some photos about our Big Day and my gorgeous accessories. Our wedding was more beautiful than in our dreams, everything was perfect also thanks to the beautiful G.Westerleigh bridal accessories. Thank you so much for everything!"
    Ágica was wearing Charlotte bridal shoes, NS0505 jewellery set and BL0049 bracelet.
  • "Thank you for the nice and comfortable shoes and the wonderful bridal jewellery! Special thanks for the shoes, because they were pretty even in bigger size".
    Anikó was wearing Lora bridal shoes and NO627B jewellery set.
  • "Dear G.Westerleigh! I would not only like to thank you for my bridal shoes and bridal jewellery, but also for all of your kind help and assistance during my search for the bridal accessories! The atmosphere during the fitting was great and we had lots of fun! Our wedding was held on 14th July 2014, and I was wearing Amelie bridal shoes that were the perfect match to my bridal dress. Our wedding started in the morning and finished only after midnight, but the shoes were the most comfortable I could imagine I felt as a real princess wearing my bridal jewellery 'SE00115'. I will keep it forever and will give the jewellery to my child so that she could also wear it on her wedding day. With lots of love"

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